Art Class update

here we have my pictures from Our Egg-Tempra class, making our own paint from pigment and egg-yolk - two portraits.

and an Oil pastel derelict room, to be honest this is my first full picture in this medium.

The apple doesnt fall far

All my children are artisticly talented. and this is my sons latest creation. 2x3foot canvases to be presented to favoured teachers as he leaves school to go to university. they depict scenes from school trips abroad.
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Glass painting workshop 14th August Sheerness

Attached picture from todays (saturday 14th aug 2010) art workshop at the sheppey healthy living centre, a parent and child special. The children and their creative mums, dads and nans made glass painting pictures, first an A4 sized picture of their hand - then giant A1 (window) sized creations. Everyone worked very hard using the special glass paints on large sheets of Acrylic. There were children of all ages from 3 year old twins upwards. Over the four hour session over 20 children came to paint -The class was tutored by regular Art workshop leader Richard Jeferies. 

Dont forget our next we are always running new workshops and if there is a subject you want to please contact Sheppey matters at sheppey healthy living centre.
A 10 week art course for adult students begins on Sat 25th Sept 10-12am

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Big FishFace painting

Bit of a back to front posting, this one should have been last week.  I was on-duty as Judy in our live action version of punch and judy - during the breaks i sketch painted some of our street theatre group in their wonderful costumes from a bygone era (more about them here -
each sketch completed using watercolours was no more than 5mins in order to let my sitters escape.

Shells workshop parent and child

Attached picture from todays art workshop at the sheppey healthy living centre, a parent and child special. We made plaster castings of shells and our initials, then we made shell collages (as seen in photo) using real shells, and sand etc. We also painted shell pictures using watercolours. 
Dont forget our next workshop is on 14th August 10am - this will be glass painting, again for parent and child. where we will paint on large sheets of clear acrylic, and hang them from the rafters.
bookings through Sheppey matters at sheppey healthy living centre.

3D Art course

Well its been a fun 10 weeks with teaching my 3D art course, we have covered a wide variety of diverse subje ts and ideas. The following is a small selection of my students creations. They deserve a round of applause.

Wire forms;

Plaster cast plaques;

Paper Mache balloons;

3D frames;

Glass Painting;

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My first Assemblage

Assemblage is an artistic process in which a three-dimensional artistic composition is made from putting together found objects

The best way to approach an assemblage is to make it personal, spend some time collecting thing all manner of items/things/bits an bobs. Then lay them out roughly in groups. An idea of the box frame shape should now come to mind. Use colored papers/magazine pages or paints to decorate the box. Then fix the items within. Try an arrange them to tell a theme or story.

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